The Intellisteel Difference

Intellisteel has chosen the world’s most advanced, end to end, steel frame design and manufacturing system to power its mobile factories and offices. Each mobile factory develops practical solutions that streamline steel frame design & build process, cutting production time and delivering a quality end result.

Behind Intellisteel’s on-site rapid design-build mobile factory solution is a ground- breaking combination of the industry’s leading computer-aided engineering software and production equipment together with the industry’s fastest framing solution available complete with on-site design, and every aspect of automated manufacturing.

Why Intellisteel?

  • Construction 20%-50% faster
  • Simplify material requirements
  • Lighter than other framing materials
  • Less scrap and waste
  • Engineered to meet the design
  • Recycled and recyclable
  • Precision means fewer call backs

Benefits of Steel

  • No mold or mildew
  • Insect-proof
  • No off-gassing or chemicals
  • Fire safe, non-combustible
  • Faster construction
  • Stronger and lighter structure
  • Galvanized steel lasts 50+ years

The Process

1. Architects Rendition

The process begins with the architects design.

2. Conversion

The entire project is then designed and detailed using the systems software. The completed file is then ready for production, and is sent electronically to our mobile factories.

3. Production

Intellisteel’s mobile factories create each component of the building individually, labeling them according to their location in the frame for error free assembly.

4. Individual Components

Every individual component is cut to length, service and fastener holes are pre-punched, swaged, notched and ready for assembly.

5. Assembly

The assembly process can take place either at a remote location or on-site. The frames are assembled and screwed together to form panels, trusses, joists or stud and track.

6. Frame Erection

Because it is produced on-site, there are no logistics costs, risks or waiting for corrected material. The 100% engineered material is immediately positioned for rapid and accurate erection.

7. Construction

Once the frame is complete, the project is now ready to be clad with engineered material. Ultimately, the architect’s design is materialized on-site with unskilled and 2/3 less labor, in 50% less time.