The Revolution in Steel Framing
The lightest, strongest, and most sustainable construction material available today. Eliminate the volatility of lumber prices, unreliable labor and supply chain risks and speed up construction schedules with Intellisteel cold-formed steel framing.


Intellisteel is a structural design, engineering firm and manufacturer of cold-formed steel structures. Using our revolutionary methodology, we supply precise, rapidly-built structural framing by using on-site turnkey, mobile cold-formed steel factories and off-site panelized framing components. We also use this same methodology to build complete modular structures for either stand-alone units or as building blocks to a complete superstructure.


Container homes for students and asylum seekers

Modular Construction

Our future-proof and fully-finished steel-framed structures are built, inspected and certified in our climate-controlled factory – ready to be stacked or stand alone at your site.

Container homes for students and asylum seekers

On-site Mobile Factories

Our self-contained steel frame production facilities can be rapidly deployed to any project site, transforming multi-story architectural inspiration into reality faster and more cost-effectively than traditional methods.

Container homes for students and asylum seekers

Off-site Panelization

Precision-built in our controlled environment, our steel walls, floor joists and roof trusses are wrapped and delivered anywhere, ready for quick assembly.



Construction time often 20-50% faster than traditional techniques. Up to 30% faster than wood, and up to 50% faster than concrete!

Superior Material Quality

100% engineered to precisely meet the design specifications, steel means straight walls, square corners and fewer call backs.


Recycled and recyclable, there is less scrap and waste, with a high 90% yield. And wouldn’t you know, it’s 30% lighter than wood.

Design Life

50+ years of life with galvanized steel, minus any chemical treatments, wood destroying insects, mold or mildew.

On-site Flexibility

Design changes are made instantly in real time with the integrated roll former and software and on-site production eliminates logistical delays.

Cost Effectiveness

Intellisteel fabricates in order of assembly, so you reduce expensive labor, and it’s simplicity reduces overhead and risks.



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