As the nation’s supply of affordable housing continues to fail to meet current demand and worsening in the coming years, Intellisteel implements the principles and advantages of modular construction. This national shortage creates hazardous social and environmental situations while highlighting the fundamental concerns for traditional methods of construction. This crisis is providing architects, builders, developers, and owners an opportunity to reform and rethink what will serve residences best in the future leveraging today’s advanced, precision off-site construction means and methods as compared to failing traditional construction methodologies at the heart of the housing supply crisis

Modular construction and implementation are drastically shortening the time to build which  provides an accessible and affordable solution particularly for urban and infill areas. The speed and precision of constructing a turn-key factory build, environment-controlled modular unit with a streamlined, integrated approach is perhaps the only real solution to the supply and demand chasms that traditional construction has proven unable to meet for decades. The industry now has the tools, technology and methodologies available to it providing new ideas and processes such as modular construction that now facilitate safety, cost efficiency, waste mitigation, labor and material challenges and overall quality.  Individual and multi-unit solutions can be built and connected on-site as duplex, tri-les, quad or multi-story affordable housing solutions bringing much needed relief to the local municipalities that are severely understaffed and underfunded.

The entire process of a modular structure can be fully completed in six to eight weeks. Once fully assembled, these units can be set on a flatbed and shipped to site where it is carefully lifted, and set on the foundation eliminating the elongated process, scheduling, and re-scheduling traditional construction inspections that burden virtually every projects budget and schedule. Modular construction is defined by its quality and quantity, where one does not outweigh the other. A team of highly qualified, national third-party inspection agencies, like Intertek, meticulously inspect each phase of manufacturing and assembly on-site providing assurances that the ultimate structure is built and delivered to the highest quality.

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 Intellisteel, as one of the very few national Certified Modular Manufacturers using advanced, precision cold formed steel framing, finds itself in high-demand for modular solutions because we have moved away from the severe limitations for standard, shipping container dimensional standards. By using the design, engineering flexibility of 100% cold-formed steel (CFS), Intellisteel provides alternative solutions that accommodate greater interior living space, higher ceilings and more reasonable living conditions not available with shipping containers designs or similar dimensions. Furthermore, the cost of the structure and it’s shipping is significantly lower than that of traditional modular container designs which truly maximizes all the financial benefits of these projects.

Intellisteel is seizing the opportunity to combine its design, engineering and technology innovations to fill the enormous gap in the market for supply and demand of affordable housing providing immediate solutions and a pathway for our vision of a future to memorialize modular construction as a preferred method of construction. There is a fundamental shift in the way that the industry is now forced to plan and build housing which will inevitably push the advancement in all current construction using methods that are proven to be reliable and cost effective. This shift has forced the industry to reevaluate its relationship between the building process and its site to move away from intensely localized products to prefabricated, standardized, highly repeatable building models that can be built and shipped in a fraction of the time it takes to construct. Thus, having a profound impact on the industry as a whole.

Intellisteel is bringing about positive changes across the modular industry and is paving the way for the future of affordable housing. Contact us for more information.

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