Transportation and logistics costs continue to rise. As 2022 sees inflationary pressure and high demands, the construction industry faces its newest challenge – transportation and logistics.  Intellisteel’s solves the problem of shipping risks, material delays and their respective costs to every construction project through our Precision On-Site, Off-Site Mobile Manufacturing, or with our Certified Modular processes.

From post-pandemic problems and soaring demand, to the war in Ukraine; a domino effect on materials and supply chains have forced owners, developers, and builders to come to grips with the fact that these challenges are not going anywhere anytime soon. The transportation of goods is creating enormous cost, availability, delivery, and budgetary nightmares for the entire industry. Because transportation is the heartbeat for traditional construction budgets, the severe material and trucking availability are wreaking havoc on every project’s budget and schedule. Traditional manufacturing depend on today’s current transportation situation and the lack of technological adoption has driven a larger wedge between shipping and logistical challenges in the industry. Now, this technological and methodological inadequacy in construction only amplifies these financial gambles causing elongated project schedules, soaring costs and blown budgets.

How does Intellisteel alleviate transportation risks and costs?

One of our solutions, On-Site, Mobile Manufacturing, provides self-contained and self-powered steel framing production facilities that are rapidly deployed to the job-site. Within 24 hours of arrival, Intellisteel’s facilities are producing walls, floors and roof trusses, pre-assembled and ready for installation. The On-Site Manufacturing facility receives the raw material directly from the mill, allowing for precise, steel-forming machines to perform the work that the manual labor cannot, at a speed that is unmatched, and with a quality not found in traditional construction today. Having the production facility directly on the job site eliminates the frustrations that freight transportation and redundancy of continuously delivering to the construction site. Saving you time, Intellisteel’ s Mobile Manufacturing is an efficient solution to complete projects 35-55% faster. Any issue that may arise in the manufacturing or erection of the structure can immediately be addressed in real-time eliminating delays in shipping and materials for on-site project corrections.

According to an article on the Wall Street Journal regarding rising transportation costs in 2022, “domestic shipping rates for moving goods by road and rail in the U.S. are up about 23% this year from 2020 to present, according to Cass Information Systems Inc., which handles freight payments for companies.” Furthermore, “A separate measure in the Logistics Managers’ Index that tracks overall logistics prices, including transportation, warehousing, and inventory prices, reached a record in November, up 3.4% from October and a 14% increase year-over-year.” So, why take the risk?

Transportation companies are forced to adapt to rising fuel prices, accommodate salary increases, and general inflation that raises the cost of every project and delays the final product. Due to the housing crisis, the rapid speed of urbanization is also a contributing factor. The high demand of construction is creating fulfillment issues for materials to be readily available.

Intellisteel recognizes the importance of working efficiently in all stages of the project timeline, which is why Intellisteel’s Mobile On-Site or off-site manufacturing processes align with today’s rapid urbanization for residential and commercial buildings. Completing projects in half the time and seeing up to seven figure savings with Intellisteel should convince any builder or developer to choose us as the method of your next project.

Intellisteel’ s manufacturing methodology options as compared to traditional off-site manufacturing shows the considerable difference in how materials are processed and their inherent quality. Our methodology eliminates the material availability and delivery risks of transportation, as well.

Through modular construction, Mobile On-Site and Off-Site panelization, Intellisteel is the leader in construction innovation. With the looming threat of inflation and the rising costs of transportation, Intellisteel’ s processes are certified and streamlined into transforming architectural inspiration into reality. Efficient and more cost-effective than ever before, don’t allow your next project to be bound with uncertainty and risk due to the volatility of the industry’s traditional methods. When looking to build your next project, trust Intellisteel to take advantage of our advanced, reliable, and precise construction methodology that will transform your next building on time, under budget and with unmatched quality.


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